In addition to Sara's lectures, all EECS 111 students must attend a weekly tutorial, hosted jointly by 2-4 TAs.

Tutorials usually cover the material from class the week of, or before.

In the past, tutorial sessions were spent entirely working on worksheets in small groups, led by a TA. For this quarter, general consensus so far is that we should begin each tutorial with a short lecture, followed by a short worksheet.

It is your responsibility to work through and understand the tutorial each week before hosting any of your sessions. Do not try to "wing it, lol."

Read the section on Preparation if you haven't already.


TAs will assign students a binary grade based on attendance and attentiveness. If it's obvious a student is on Facebook, Twitter, or just generally not paying attention, they get a 0.

You are responsible for entering grades for your tutorial students directly in the Piazza gradebook.

Students will have one tutorial grade dropped, effectively providing a "grace period" for absences and conflicts. The official policy is that students cannot make up tutorials by attending another session, as this leads to accountability hell, but in the past we have left individual cases to individual TAs' discretion.

Tutorials will be 15% of the grade in Winter 2017.

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