Welcome to the EECS 111 course staff! Whether you're TAing for the first or nnth time as nn grows large, we are extremely excited to have you for the upcoming quarter. This section is designed to contextualize the course from a pedagogical and philosophical standpoint.

EECS 111 is a unique course to teach, due to the wide range of student backgrounds and underlying depth of the material. For the same reasons, it is an extremely rewarding course to teach, but doing a good job requires thoughtful preparation.

Much like expensive foods and beverages, teaching abilities mature with age. None of us were great TAs the first time around, but all of us have grown exponentially each quarter. That being said, some things would've been useful to know from the beginning, and these notes represent our attempt to compile such information for incoming TAs.

It should go without saying that nothing in this document ever supersedes instructions from the professor (and if such a conflict ever arises, please notify us immediately so we can make the necessary changes to the guide). We are students, too, and sometimes we suck, make mistakes, exercise poor judgment, etc. Be forthcoming about our shortcomings, and everyone will benefit.

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