Professional Conduct

As a TA, you are an employee and representative of the EECS Department. You probably have friends taking the course (perhaps they have even signed up for your tutorials). Remember that while you are acting as a TA, you are their TA first and friend second.

Obvious Don'ts

  • Do not give people solutions to assignments.
  • Do not leak information about exam content or grades.
  • Do not discuss other students' performance with your friends.

Less Obvious Don'ts

  • Do not discuss students on Slack in any way, positive or negative or neutral. This is a FERPA violation.
  • Do not loudly discuss anything department-related during quiz grading. The conference room walls are not soundproof. Everyone can hear you. This extends to funny quiz answers, which we all laugh at despite our better judgment; keep it quiet.
  • Do not feel obligated to help students outside of your designated work hours. This is an unfair burden on you, and creates inequal access, particularly if these students are your friends.
  • Do not feel bad if someone asks a question and you don't know the answer (unless it was about a tutorial or assignment you didn't do beforehand, then you should feel bad). Tell the student you'll get back to them and Slack the group, ask another TA, or Google harder. Follow up with the student on Piazza with better information. Nobody knows everything.
  • Do not try to handle grading inquiries (with the exception of tutorial-related concerns). Direct students to Sara or Curtis.

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