As you probably already know, Piazza is a forum for students to ask questions of the professor, TAs, and their classmates anonymously.

As a TA, you should make a reasonable effort respond to Piazza questions. We understand that at times you aren't going to be available (or capable, if it's a weekend 😉) of answering Piazza questions. That being said, we certainly hope to see every TA's name in the forums at some point or another, even if it's just endorsing a good student answer.

In general, if you don't know how to answer a question, searching Piazzas from past iterations of the course can be very helpful.


Piazza supports rich-text formatting and a LaTeX-based equation editor. Use these to format your answers, particularly longer ones. At the lowest level of effort, format your code blocks as such.

To reference another thread in your answer:

  1. Find the question in the sidebar, and hover over it to trigger the dropdown containing its reference number ("Type @571 to link to this post").
  2. Include the reference in an answer by typing the at-symbol @, followed by the reference number.

This creates a link to the other thread. It's especially helpful for duplicate questions.

Hover over a question in the sidebar to get its reference number

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