Overview of Responsibilities

As TAs, your primary responsibilities are:

  • Leading weekly tutorials of 6 students, and
  • Holding weekly mentor hours.

In addition, we ask that you help by:

  • Proctoring and grading the two quarterly quizzes,
  • Answering questions on Piazza.

Your position is paid for 6 hours per week, so the total (outside of quiz grading and proctoring) time spent should land around there.


Part of being a good TA is knowing your content inside and out. To paraphrase the airline safety presentation,

Please place the oxygen mask know the content first and then assist your child or other passengers students.

More specifically, quoth Ian:

You are welcome to attend lectures, but shouldn’t feel obligated to do so. You are, however, obligated to keep up with the lecture slides and assignments. To avoid embarrassment, you should schedule time before office hours or tutorials to catch up on lecture slides and assignments.

It's always good to brush up on rusty concepts, especially if you took the course more than one quarter ago, along with concepts that weren't in the version of EECS 111 you took.

At a bare minimum,

  • Before each tutorial, you should have worked through the tutorial and understood it completely, and
  • Before your mentor hours, you should have worked through the homework assignment for that week, and understood it completely.

Feel free to ask questions on Slack if you have any!


See the full article on tutorials.

Mentor Hours

See the full article on office hours.


If you were a peer mentor in the past, you may be used to weekly staff meetings. This quarter (W2017), we have decided to eliminate these meetings in favor of a digest email that Sara sends out each week.


There will be two quizzes, the last of which we be held during the final exam slot.

We will have a grading pizza party for each quiz. Grading typically lasts about 3 hours, sometimes as little as 2.


See the full article on Piazza.

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